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Aug 21

4:00 PM4:30 PM5:00 PM5:30 PM1: Challenging Dragons2: Can't Stop the Press6:00 PM1: Gitche Gumee Gorgons2: Barkers Island Baracudas3: Dragon Hunters, The6:30 PM1: CW Techno Inferno2: Paddle Me Anytime3: Screamin' Eagles

Aug 22

4:00 PM4:30 PM5:00 PM1: In it to win it2: Float City5:30 PM1: Steel Dragons2: Touch of Graytness3: Epic Keyport Krew6:00 PM1: Blue Water Paddling2: Sunrise Dragons3: Going the Extra Smile4: LSCHC Super Heroes6:30 PM1: Survivors & Supporters2: Dragon' our Butts up the North Shore3: COOL Running Dragons

Aug 23

4:00 PM4:30 PM5:00 PM1: Douglas County Blazing Paddles2: Team Summit3: Floating Medical Mayhem5:30 PM1: Eco Dragons2: How to Train Your Dragon3: WITC Technicasualties6:00 PM1: UW-Superior Staff2: R U 4 Cirrus3: Strong Compass6:30 PM1: Lifesavers2: Sea Dragons3: Survivor Sistership

Aug 24

4:00 PM1: All a-boards2: All Hounds On Deck4:30 PM1: Dry Dockers2: UW-Superior Upward Bound5:00 PM1: A Team Bucketeers, The2: Team Red White and Blue3: CW Techno Inferno5:30 PM1: Rolling Dragons2: Vets in Deep Ship V3: Paddling Penguins 6:00 PM1: Fallen Angels2: Pride paddlers 3: High Voltage6:30 PM1: Holy Rowers2: Beer-Did Dragons3: Many Faces of Breast Cancer II

Aug 25

4:00 PM1: Blue Moon Paddlers2: Chemo Savvy3: First City Paddlers4:30 PM1: Gitche Gumee Gorgons5:00 PM1: Team Wake2: Paddle Me Anytime5:30 PM1: BARRbarians6:00 PM1: Real Steel Deal, The 2: Medtronic Marvels3: Pipe Down and Paddle4: Dragon Hunters, The6:30 PM1: Duluth Cargo Connect2: Blood and Fire3: Organizin Labor Draginz7:00 PM1: INCredible Dragons2: Fire Breathing Misfits3: International Boundary Waters Dragon Boat Club4: Off The Edge