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Practice Schedule 

A chance to dip your Paddle in the water…

All registered teams receive one free practice session, which includes a coach who will provide a paddling lesson and racing tips.

For a current practice schedule...

Click here to view the practice schedule and to setup your team practice session

Click here if you wish to schedule additional practice sessions

Practice FAQs

  • Where are the practices held?

The practices are held on the actual racecourse at Barker’s Island Marina in Superior, Wis. Practice sessions will gather outside of the Ship’s Store at the northwest end of the marina.

  • When do we have a practice session?   

Practice sessions take place roughly 1-2 weeks before the festival. Team captains/managers schedule these practices.

  • Does the entire team have to be there for the practice session?

Yes—what’s a team without its members? A sorry excuse for a discombobulated squad of doggy paddlers, that’s what!

  • After being involved in the festival for 10 years, I am truly a master paddler. I need no practice, because my skills are far beyond the status of being honed. Do I still need to go to the practice sessions?

Yes! Each member of a team must be at a practice session, even if he/she has been involved in the event before. Because it’s been nearly a year since most teams have paddled and teams always have new members, each team is
a new team. It’s important for the boat to be “full” so that you know how it will paddle/feel on race day.

  • What do I bring to practices?

Please bring water and clothes/footwear that can get wet. We will supply the life jackets and paddles; however, you are welcome to bring your own    lifejacket (or orange water wings) if you prefer. Please do not bring alcohol to consume before, during or after practices.

  • Who shows us what and/or how to paddle?

The festival provides each team with a steersperson for the race. This person will also guide your team through both the practices and give you tips.          

  • Can we schedule additional practices?

Yes, additional practices can be purchased and scheduled by contacting