Superior Sunrise Centennial Rotary Club

Superior Sunrise Centennial Rotary Club was officially chartered as club No. 68,396 on February 23, 2005, the day of Rotary International’s Centennial. Superior Sunrise Centennial was formed not only to offer a morning Rotary option for community members, but also to expand Rotary opportunities in the community. Charter members numbered 28; 18 from our sponsoring club, Superior Rotary Club 40, and 10 members new to the Rotary family. Like all clubs, Superior Sunrise Centennial has experienced an ebb and flow in individual members; however, overall membership has remained strong at 28. It’s also a size that has fostered fellowship and generated camaraderie among members that may not occur in larger clubs.

Superior Sunrise Centennial Rotary Club | Superior WIFrom its beginning, Superior Sunrise Centennial has actively engaged in Rotary’s four avenues of service. All members take turns to perform club service activities associated with conducting an effective meeting, including greeting guests and members, offering invocation, securing and introducing programs, and engaging members in lively rounds of fellowship.

Members routinely enjoy community service projects such as assisting the Salvation Army with their annual bell ringing campaigns, volunteering with other organizations’ food drives, collecting back packs and school supplies for needy school children, adoptingfamilies at Christmas, and implementing an “Adopt a Not for Profit,” program whereby the club assists a local organization for a year with projects/services requested by the nonprofit organization.

Superior Sunrise Centennial  members display vocational service in evaluating senior projects at the Superior High School, providing vocational highlights to club members, supporting the Northern Pines Girl Scout Council, and collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce’s Youth Leadership Superior Douglas County program.

During our short tenure, club members and generous supporters have created 23 Paul Harris Fellows, and our annual RI Foundation drives have generated over $10,000 in support of international service projects. Through the club’s efforts, a UW-Superior professor applied for and was awarded a Rotary Grant for University Teachers to spend a semester in Sri Lanka.

Superior Sunrise Centennial members have deep roots with the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival. Several of our charter members (former Superior Rotary Club 40 members) were actively engaged in giving birth to the first festival event in 2001. Superior Sunrise is honored to be a Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival Associate Partner since the 2008 festival.