Tent City

Each year, the Mayor of Tent City, Jon Winter assigns tent sites to every participating team that requests one. This is a big task the he handles effortlessly year after year. However, to make his life easier, he has provided us with the following information. You may email the Mayor here:  tentmayor@lakesuperiordragons.com.

Please keep in mind that sometimes changes to tent locations are needed and could be made the day of the event. Look at the registration tent or this website for the most up to date information. The list and maps are used for general location. Green marker flags like those used to mark utility lines will be placed with the Team Name on them in the exact team tent location.  More information is below in setup and finding your location and team list and map sections.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Teams must be registered for the festival by July 15th to Guarantee tent location from prior year.   After July 15th relocation requests and new teams will be assigned spots along with prior year teams that register after July 15th on a first come first serve basis. 

 Jon Winter - Mayor of Tent City

Jon Winter - Mayor of Tent City

Tent sites are for teams at the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival to use as a place to gather and relax during the festival.

Site locations are based on the following criteria

  1. Festival Needs
  2. Major Sponsorships
  3. Returning teams have priority for their site from previous years.
  4. Special needs/Tent Mayor’s discretion
  5. New teams are assigned spots on the basis of needs and availability.
  6. Land/Site disagreements between teams are settled by the “Mayor of Tent City” or by playing rock, paper, scissors (best 2 of 3).

Sites are assigned by the “Mayor of Tent City”. Maps and a list of team general locations are located at the registration tent. Each team is assigned to a “neighborhood” such as Whaleback Estates East, Northwoods and Boardwalk.  These neighborhoods are listed on the map in the Team List and Map section below.  This gets you to a general area of the island for your team tent location.  The exact location in this general area or “neighborhood”  is marked off by a green utility type flag with the team name on it.

The Mayor is available during most of the afternoon on the Thursday prior to the festival and all day Friday and Saturday to assist teams with location needs.  You can find the “Mayor of Tent City” by looking for his Red, White & Blue, Stars & Bars floppy hat and Red, White & Blue tie-dyed t-shirt.   Teams can start to setup their site tent area after 4pm on Thursday, after 8am on Friday or anytime Saturday morning. If another time is needed, contact the Mayor of Tent City and arrangements can be made. The Mayor of Tent City will work with the tent rental companies should you chose to go that route in tent placement all day Thursday and Friday.

Tents may be set up at the following times

Thursday after 4pm
Friday 8am-9pm>
Saturday 6am-whenever

Teams that are having Thompson Rental, Doucette’s or London Road Rental setup their tents have them contact me prior to setup for location info. Those rental companies can setup anytime on Thursday or Friday.

Using the map and table provided on this website or at the registration tent will give you the general location of your team tent area. You will then find a flag with your team name on it in your location.

When setting up any tent with stakes into the ground please be aware of utility markings and stay 18″ away from those.

The Wisconsin Statute that applies to a situation like this attempts to be very clear on responsibility and liability, but in doing so doesn’t allow for many exceptions. The statute definitions are so strict that “kicking a rock” can be considered excavation: http://www.diggershotline.com/wilaw2.html

The statute would suggest that each person responsible for putting up a tent should have their own ticket, but that is not practical in this case and the local utilities would certainly object to being flooded with that many tickets in the same area.

If your tent stakes are less than 12″ in length please be aware to stay away from the utility markings by 18″. If they are over 12″ in length please contact me prior to setup.

This information will also be at the registration tent.

Open Tent City PDF File Map Here

2019 Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival Tent City (updates late July early August 2019)

PDF File for Team Tent Site Location List

Searchable Table for Team Tent Site Locations

Tents are not provided by the Mayor or the Festival. Most teams use 10×10 pop-ups or 10×20 canopies. Larger 20×20 tents are available from rental companies. Please be sure to notify the Mayor if you are going to have one of these larger tents as there are limited spaces available.

Tent Rental Companies  (note:  Thompson Rental is now Lake Superior Rental)

 Superior Rental Center 715-394-7368  www.londonroadrental.com
 Kristie’s Partry Rental  218-393-1971 www.kristiespartyrentals.com
Doucette’s Party & Tent Rentals 218-409-7901 www.doucettesparty.com

BBQ’s, Fire Rings and Outdoor Fireplaces are permitted as long as they do not create a hazard to any tents. The City of Superior Fire Dept. has jurisdiction within the City of Superior regarding any burning bans.

Deep Fryers are NOT permitted in tent site locations.

Recycling bags will be provided at each tent site and recycling containers will be throughout the festival area. Please use them.

For teams that are looking to bring campers or trailers down, there are a very limited number of spaces in the Eastern end of the Charter Fishing Dock parking lot. Please contact me for advance arrangements and if space is available. There is no parking of any kind allowed for festival related vehicles in the Western half of this lot. That is reserved for the Charter Fishing Businesses and their Clients. We have to keep in mind that these are businesses that pay for space on the island.

For out of town teams with campers there are two nearby camp grounds.

Less than 3 Miles away

Less than 10 Miles away